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Most of the fine art and wildlife illustration offered for sale by "Hexagonal Mandala" aka "Diavma" is created through digitally painting by hand with a pressure sensitive electronic pen on a virtual drawing tablet. Through this process the image is painted directly onto a computer, then printed onto archival artist quality paper. As with more traditional media such as lithographs, etching or screen printing, these prints are the artist's original intended physical form of the image. They are NOT reproductions. Though this Blog I've chosen to create a presentation that allows viewers to see the artwork in progress. Documenting how it materialises and matures through the painting process.

WHY SHOW A STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS? A lifetime ago in my teens, then as an art student I loved to see books displaying step by step art works. They are always fascinating to see how different people go about development of imagery. It seems almost magical to watch an image materialise from a blank canvas. Occasionally they teach you new ideas, other times they are just entertaining. I have saved many of my images throughout the process of creation and still find them fascinating to look back over, so I've decided to share some. They are not intended to be tutorials on how to create these images but rather an insight into the style of a particular artist and an entertaining look at how a finished result is achieved.

Please feel free to enjoy these images HERE. Visitors comments are welcome.
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Galah Gathering Painting

Art Title: Galah Gathering.
This "Hexagonal Mandala" painting is a scene of Galahs, (Scientific name: Eolophus roseicapillus), where the morning sunlight illuminates the foliage below and signals the start to another glorious day. Galahs are easy to identify because of their colouring and they are one of the most common & widespread cockatoos in Australia. The large trees near my home often host a small handful of these birds, often they are rummaging through grass in search of a feed.

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Elizabeth Nesbitt said...

Even though I have a couple of other "almost finished" paintings calling for some love, last night I started some galah's - a pair of them on a branch, with a cloudy yellow/pink/purple/paynes grey sunset behind them. (I use acrylics)

I absolutely love to see these progress pic's. I have learned so much but I'm still learning more everyday and being able to look over someone's proverbial shoulder & see how they apply their skills is an enormous benefit for me.

The Galah Gathering is beautiful - I love those soft fluffy feathers & there's some fantastic little details in there. My compliments to the artist. Nice one Di - is that middle one falling asleep having a neck massage?! Funny little things, they are - you totally captured their character. We've got some amazing talent here in Aust.

Artist Formal Qualifications and Experience

Di holds an Art Certificate (College of Technical & Further Education 2 years full time) & a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts (University 3 years full time) and has been a practising artist for 24 years. Her former employment includes Artist-In-Residence and Private Art Tutor for a community centre and an Art Teacher for a children's resource unit. Currently self employed creating original contemporary fine art prints and costume jewellery.

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